lördag 14 april 2012

Ännu en fin japansk väska.

Snygg väska från http://www.freemanbrand.com/

"This Waxed Turquoise Canvas Tote with Tan bottom is a colourful option that's perfect for the upcoming Spring & Summer months. It stands on it's own– both literally and figuratively, and is fast becoming a Free / Man favorite around here."
Southern Field Industries is a budding brand, based in the Saitama Region of Japan. This tiny operation is run by husband/wife team Manabu & Keiko, who's combined focus is on hand crafting quality made leather goods for a discerning audience. Manabu brings countless years of experience working with leather at his fathers company, who buils leather goods for the horse racing industry. The attention to detail is extremely evident, from the hand cut components to the painted edges of the finished product. Currently all items within Southern Field Industries are Made-to-Order, so we are thrilled to be able to present a small offering.

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